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NAD Therapy San Diego

Perhaps the most beneficial service that we currently offer to our patients is our NAD IV treatment. By far, one of the most diverse types of therapy on the market today, NAD treatment is a way to make a positive impact throughout your body. Responsible for the health of so many bodily components, it is something that everybody would find great benefit in taking. And, if you too feel that a quick boost of a NAD IV would be the right thing for you and your condition, then you will be pleased to know that our team is more than able to bring it to you. Simply get in contact with us a let us know your circumstance, and our team will be glad to deliver you the lifechanging substance that is NAD.


There are so many things that NAD can help with. For persons of any age or health condition, it is a product that will help. From fighting the effects of aging to increasing everyday mental clarity, treating the worst of depression to bettering cognitive function, assisting in the recovery of addition to the better functioning of your brain, muscles, blood, and everything else in between. The vast majority of people could improve in their bodies thanks to this treatment and, if you know it could for you, then our team would gladly supply you with the service.

Brain and Neurological Function

Our neurological function is key to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. All of us want to keep our brains in the best condition possible and we want to know that we will be able to do the same when approaching later life. And, by applying NAD treatment to yourself, you stand the best chance of doing that. You can increase your mental clarity, improve brain regeneration, and generally improve your daily cerebral function, simply for introducing this treatment into your life. And, as the effects of aging take their toll on your mind, you’ll be able to hold them off for longer and enjoy peak mental fitness, long after your peers.

Aging Defense

Until now, aging has been something that all of us have accepted. Eventually, we expect to get old, start showing our wrinkles, feel weaker in our muscled, lose some of the sharpness of our minds, cognitive function, and to a certain extent, our motor skills. However, today, these things no longer have to be a given. Instead, we can actively fight these things off and prolong their negative effects, purely by using NAD.

Addiction Recovery

And, perhaps one of the most important benefits in the US today is the ability to assist in curing addiction. Particularly when managing the debilitating withdrawal symptoms that come from opiates, NAD treatments can be utterly essential in success. It will replenish vitamins and minerals lost to the drug and the following treatment, as well as satisfying opioid receptors and nearly completely eliminating the chance of a relapse. And, most importantly, NAD treatment can start to aid in the repair of the body and mind, returning it to a natural state.

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