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Hydration / Rehydration IV Therapy

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Nothing is more important to the body than water. Every single person needs hydration each day and it makes up a huge portion of how we fuel our bodies. But there are so many ways that we can lose our water content and, especially living in a year-round hot city like San Diego, trying to stay hydrated takes effort. Illness, exercise, and even a night out drinking are all going to take their toll on hydration, which isn’t going to help you feel any better. But if you were to make up for the fluids by making use of our hydration IV services, we would be able to restore a healthy state to your body. So, whenever you are feeling like you are struggling with your hydration, you know you can always call on us for a beneficial solution.


All of us are aware of the dangers that come from not drinking enough water. Without it, body function is not at the optimal level and it can lead to numerous conditions, of varying severity. From brain function to muscle strength, toxin cleansing to your energy levels; nothing is more important to us than hydration. And so, when your fluid levels take a downward turn, making use of a rehydration IV is a guaranteed way to restore and regulate your hydration.

IV Treatment 

To deliver our patients an immediately impactful and healthy dose of hydration solution, we make use of IV methods. Each may be delivered to the most efficient part of your body for hydration processing so that we know the effects will be realized fast. Our hydration solutions are a choice blend of IV fluids, including additional electrolytes and minerals that you are simply unable to find in any regular source of water. They will allow hydration to occur at a much faster rate and will be naturally circulated through your bloodstream.

Replenishing Electrolytes 

Electrolytes are something that most people have heard of, yet most of us aren’t sure quite what they do. For us, they are one of the most important parts of any rehydration process. That is because they are responsible for directing the flow of water around your body, to the points that most require it. Namely, the various dehydrated cells in your body will be targeted thanks to electrolytes, so that they can be restored to their healthiest condition. At the same time, they also go a long way to regulating blood acidity, maintaining blood pressure, assisting in muscle activity, and so many more things.

When to Use 

There simply is no bad time to be more hydrated. All of us benefit greatly from optimal hydration and it is something that we should all aspire to achieve. However, we always recommend our clients to take up their best hydration practices, such as monitoring their water intake, before they turn to our services. Instead, we recommend that you give us a call when you are suffering from an illness, have undergone strenuous exertion, are experiencing issues with minerals or electrolytes, or on an exceptionally hot day.

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