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Hangover IV San Diego

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All of us have had those days when we wake up after a heavy night out, feeling awful. At that moment, nothing can possibly be worse and all you want to do is get back to feeling yourself again. Aside from nausea and tiredness, you end up losing a day or two without truly feeling yourself. Your energy levels will be low and productivity is hardly even possible. But if you are a busy person, you know you are going to want to find a way to get out of bed and make it work. And to make sure that you aren’t trying to fight through the worst of it all, our team can offer you the perfect treatment in the form of our hangover IV service.


When you have suffered through an intoxicating evening of drinking, your body can take a hit. Your levels of hydration significantly drop and so too does the content of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins in your blood. Every time, that is going to leave you feeling terrible and your body will likely spend the rest of the next 24 hours trying to recover its usual state. However, by opting to restore your body through our hangover IV treatment, you could reintroduce all of the necessary goodness and start feeling better almost immediately.

Hangover Treatment

Our hangover treatment is guaranteed to have a rapid effect on any patient, targeting the bloodstream in fast times. It is a combination of IV fluids, electrolytes, and a choice blend of minerals and nutrients that help to restore the natural status to the body. It flushes out the saturation of alcohol and toxins in the blood and replaces them with beneficial substances, which are going to aid in the recovery. And, it can be quickly delivered to you through the fastest access point in your body, to give you relief in minutes.

Hydration and Electrolytes

Hydration is one of the most important concerns with hangovers and alcohol is well known to severely dehydrate us very quickly. So, one of the most important parts of any successful IV treatment is being able to reintroduce the right fluids as fast as possible. To do this, we make full use of the power of electrolytes, making them an integral part of the solution. These can help to direct the flow of water and rehydrate each cell individually, being one of the most influential factors in hangover recovery.

Fast Response Times

Hangovers are always worse in the morning after a heavy night. In the moment that you wake up, few things can compare to the feeling. All you want to do is get rid of it all as fast as you can. And, for this reason, we make sure that we are offering all of our customers the fastest service that we can. When you call us about a hangover treatment, we always try our best to bring you forward in our schedule, so that we can get you back to feeling your best rapidly. Simply give us a call and we can promise to arrive with rapid response times.

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